Team NBWC vs Michigan Vandals

Parents – prior to entry at Constant Pressure Training Center, all who are entering the building will receive a Covid test. This is a process we have been utilizing all year before every practice or event and it’s super quick, painless, and streamlined. This test is the q-tip in the nose test *but* it’s not the one that goes way up your nose. The wrestlers here say it tickles and it’s barely inserted in the front of the nose.

It is about a 15 minute delay getting into the building.

When you arrive, just come to the front entrance and you will be guided from there. These tests are done for us at no out-of-pocket cost as the medical team we have hired will bill your insurance for this test. It’s a quick and simple process and has saved us multiple times this year. The mask police will not be present at our events 🙂

If you have any issues or questions, please call or text me (Joe B.) at 734-363-4423. We’re excited to have everyone come out!

Address: 17901 Huron River Dr., New Boston, MI 48164 (come to back building)
Arrival Time: 4:00-4:45 PM
Event Start Time: 6:00 PM
Where Family/Friends Can Watch:  https://Wrestle.Live