Team NBWC vs Dundee

When you arrive, please proceed upstairs to the small wrestling room and leave all bags, street shoes, etc.

1 parent per wrestler is permitted entry unless otherwise approved. Our facility is limited in space and we also do not want to exceed the buildings maximum occupancy. As fans of wrestling, we know this sucks but promise you will enjoy the viewing even if you are at home. Please, no siblings. Entry will be denied to anyone not on the guest list.

We have a terrorist train in our community that blocks tracks for hours at a time. If you are stuck at the train, please follow these directions:
New Boston has a constant challenge with trains blocking the road at Eureka and Sibley. If you get off the freeway at Eureka or Sibley and there is a train stopped, proceed South on 275 to the
South Huron exit and turn right (West). Drive for 1 mile to the blinking red light, turn right and follow your GPS from there. This is a 5-minute detour. If you are confused by the directions above, put “Apple Charlie’s” in your GPS, drive there, and then put our address back in your GPS.

• A singlet is preferred for this event
• Headgear is optional
• Periods are 1:30
• Copies of the event will be available within 48 hours for those who couldn’t watch live
If you have an issue, please text Joe at 734-363-4423

Address: 17901 Huron River Dr., New Boston, MI 48164 (come to back building)
Arrival Time: 5:00PM
Event Time: 2/28 at 6:00PM
Where Family/Friends Can Watch: https://Wrestle.Live

COST: There is not a cost for this event but any donations for our referee would be greatly appreciated (he’s kinda awesome). If you are able to make a donation, please remember to come back to this page and complete the form below.

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